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• 1/7/2018

Can anyone tell me where the anime ends in relation to the light novel

I want to finish the story but dont know how to actually read japanese, but I definitely could if I wanted to I just want there to be an actual reason for it, someone help?
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• 11/27/2017

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• 3/11/2014

Do you think we will be seeing a second season?

I loved the anime and truly want a second season, but what are the chances of a second season realy happening?
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• 12/19/2013

New Template Design

So, I just wanted to propose a new infobox template design. Instead of it being brown, why don't we do something a bit more related to the series itself? Like green?
For example, I created this: Template:Character Infobox design.
It's simple, yet it stands out.
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• 12/14/2013

There Needs To be a second series

There really needs to be a second series as the ending of the first series needs to have questions answered.
I have enjoyed the first series and am disappointed that there is no second season o follow on through to.
Am really hoping they will make one. will be incredibly happy
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• 9/20/2013

Light Novel vol.6

Does this volume add something to anime story?
Can anyone place the short summary of it?
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• 7/15/2013
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• 7/4/2013

is anyone else craving a second season?

a second season would be awesome, anyone else agree?
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• 6/1/2013

the manga don't have a end?

please i have to know about the end of the anime and the mangá
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• 5/16/2013

The Henneko Wiki Forum

The Henneko Wiki Forum has now been set up. The Forum currently consists of four boards:

Wiki News, Announcements and Discussion - All discussion about the Wiki, editing and features will be placed here. Some threads will be highlighted to catch your attention.
General Discussion - General discussion about Henneko should go here. Character discussions, questions etc, as the story is basically universal throughout all three.
Anime Discussion - All discussion about the Henneko Anime should go in here. I would imagine we would just have a thread per episode in this area.
Manga Discussion - All discussion about the Henneko Manga should go in here. Like above, I would imagine one thread per chapter?
Light Novel Discussion - All discussion about the Henneko Light Novel should go in here. Like the two above, one thread per Volume? I'm not familiar with the Light Novel, so I need some advice here.
Anyway, yeah. That's the general idea I had planned. If you have any other ideas, let me know by replying to this thread. Thanks!
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