Emanuela Pollarola
Name in Japanese エマヌエーラ・ポルラローラ
Romaji Translation Emanuēra Porurarōra
Nickname/s Emi
Debut (Anime) episode 8
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 3
Voice Actor (Japanese) Terakawa Aimi
Personal Info
Gender Female

Emanuela Pollarola is a supporting character in the The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat series. She appeared after Azusa Azuki wished onto the Stone Cat in Tsutsukakushi's house's store room. She made a wish to be Ponta's younger sister who came back from Italy. She holds a little object that looks like the Stone Cat in the store room in Tsutsukakushi's house.


Emanuela has a small figure and brownish eyes. Her most distinctive feature is her pink hair in twin tails, being held by red, white-striped, bow ties which act as hair clips. She is usually depicted in a sleeveless, sky blue-colored dress; her dress consist of a white, black-striped collar with a yellow cravat underneath. She also wears colorful sandals.

In her past, she once wore a full-body, white choir robe with a cross.


When first introduced, Emi is shown to be a cheerful, playful, innocent child, always clinging to Yōto whenever they met. She often complains whenever boredom strikes, and as a result, turns to her miniature 'cat statue', granting her wishes. Beneath this personality, Emi is actually foul-mouthed and quite rude.

Like Azusa, Emi sometimes make strange analogies and similes to plants, calling the person she despises (ex. Yōto) a "stupid pumpkin" or Tsukiko's singing voice something "like a rafflesia".



Two years prior to the start of the series, Emi was part of a church choir. At some point, Emi was being scolded by a nun for her bad performance. Emi immediately runs off outside and finds a lone rabbit on a high wall. Emi then took the rabbit off the wall. After doing so, Yōto appeared and thanked Emi for finding the rabbit. From that point on, Emi developed a sibling-like relationship towards Yōto.




After making a wish in her miniature version of the cat statue, Emi became Ponta's younger sister. This title was only as an excuse to gain trust from Youto, and hopefully Tsukiko. Later, after Ponta's rabbit went missing (and later found), Emi cancelled her wish to be Ponta's younger sister. Overall, the relationship between them is unknown.

Yōto YokoderaEdit

A few years ago Yokodera found Emi while she played with Ponta's rabbit, and they made a promise after they met again in future.


  • On the third light novel's cover, her shadow takes the form of a rabbit, which is likely a reference to her personality.
  • It is revealed that she is only a 'tool' created by The Cat God.




Light NovelEdit