A 100% Girl
Episode 8 title
English (Translated) A 100% Girl
Japanese (Kanji) 100%の女の子
Japanese (Romanised) 100% no Onna no Ko
Debut Airdate(s)
Japan June 1st, 2013
Theme Music
Opening Fantastic Future
Ending Baby Sweet Berry Love
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A 100% Girl is the eigth episode of the The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat anime series. It first aired in Japan on June 1st, 2013.


As they discuss their plans for the athletics festival while heading to their school, Yōto and Tsukiko stumbles on a cheerful pink-haired girl. While she initially addresses Yōto as her "onii-chan" (Lit. Big brother), it later accrued to Yōto and Tsukiko that she is Emanuela Pollarola, Ponta's little sister. Ponta then asks Yōto to take Emi on a tour at their school as Tsukiko insisted that he should despite their plans on practicing together for the athletics festival.

While touring Emi around, Emi later discovers that Yōto is known to be a huge pervert at his school after Mai's intervention. Emi then took out a miniature cat statue and wishes their school to be more enjoyable and Yōto being regarded as its prince. Yōto is bewildered after Mai compliments him and addresses him as prince despite after he and Emi played catch on her bra and ultimately landing on her head.

Later, Yōto discovers that their school becomes Italic and the whole female students are now wearing their school's swimsuits as uniforms, much to his excitement. Shortly thereafter, Yōto had lunch with Tsukiko as the latter expresses her dislike to Emi, calling her a "cheating villain" then later changing to her swimsuit. The two decides to check at Emi down at their school's track and field course.

There, Emi suddenly left in a rush as Yōto and Tsukiko locates Azuki, who has been avoiding Yōto after witnessing Tsukushi kissing him. Azuki then points out to Tsukiko that Yōto is a pervert instead of a respected prince and her swimsuit not being there school's uniform, much to Tsukiko's shock.

Afterwards, Yōto founds a cat statue located on one of the school's spires as Tsukiko blames the outcome of their school at Yōto and prompts him to revert everything back to normal immediately. Meanwhile, Tsukushi instead sides with Yōto, only to show her good side at Yōto's "evil younger twin". Tsukushi laments that the transformation of their school turning Italic must have rooted from her due to her past desires of going to Italy, and then telling Yōto that she is coming at his house to meet with his younger twin.

At Yōto's house, Tsukushi scavenges at the pictures of Yōto's "younger twin" as Yōto feels something off about Emi due to Ponta treating his rabbit as his little sister, and who's name is also Emi.