The Stony Cat
Name in Japanese 笑わない猫
Romaji Translation Warawanai Neko
Nickname/s The Cat God
Debut (Anime) Episode 1
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 1
Debut (Manga) Chapter 1
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yurika Kubo
Personal Info

The Stony Cat (笑わない猫 Warawanai Neko) (often referred as The Cat God) is a character in the The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat series.


The Stony Cat is introduced as a small stone figure under a tree on top of a hill. Its front paws are raised to the side of its head and it assumes a blank expression.

After Tsukiko gives up her expressions, the Stony Cat begins to smile. The smile gets wider over the course of the first few episodes. After relinquishing Tsukiko's expressions, the Cat's face once again becomes stony and expressionless.

The second Stony Cat in the series is kept in the Tsutsukakushi family's storehouse. It is considerably larger than the one under the tree on the hill and unconditionally grants wishes. 

The third Stony Cat is in the possession of 'Emi' (Emanuela). It is considerably smaller than the ones in previous episodes.


The Stony Cat is an entity that has been worshiped by the Tsutsukakushi family for generation. It has the ability to grant and revert wishes. It also has the ability to possess people or animals; as shown when possessing Azusa and Ponta's rabbit.



As a child, Yōto asked the Stony Cat located in the Tsutsukakushi storehouse to give his memories of Tsukasa to her daughter, Tsukushi.

Tsukushi created the Stony Cat on the hill to reconcile with Tsukiko after an argument. The larger statue within the family's storehouse gave Tsukushi the tools to build the smaller Cat after she prayed to it.


In the first episode of the anime, Yōto is seen offering Barbara, his body pillow, to the Stony Cat on the hill. The Stony Cat takes a belt wrapped around her neck. This effectively rids him of his facade. Tsukiko is also seen offering a meat bun and losing her expressions.


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  • There are two variations of method which The Stony Cat uses to fulfill wishes:
    • The Cat that Gives: It will give something you don't need to someone who needs it.
    • The Cat that Brings: It will give you anything you want, but it only grants your wishes in ways you never wanted.
  • The Stony Cat has ability to change its shape.




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